What services are supported by the websites that you operate?

SelectMyPolicy.com is a website that helps consumers find insurance quotes for Auto, Health, Medicare, Life, Home, and Renters insurance. 

SelectMyQuotes.com is a website that supports the home improvement industry for consumers.

How do your websites help me find a competitive insurance quote or a home service provider for my project?

By completing the form on any of our websites, you may get matched with providers in your area who will contact you to discuss your needs and provide estimates.

How long will the process take?

Our websites work fast. Simply fill out the free no obligation to enroll form on either site, which usually takes about 2-3 minutes, and you will start receiving inquiries quickly (from insurance agencies or licensed insurance agents) often within minutes. It's that easy!

When do I get contacted by the service provider or their organization?

After completing the form on either of our websites, licensed insurance agents or insurance providers will usually begin contacting you within the hour.  Other providers may take up to 24 hours to contact you.

Does this service cost anything?

No. Our websites are completely free for all consumers interested in speaking with a licensed insurance agent or insurance provider.  Consumers have no obligation to purchase anything from any provider that may contact you.

How does SelectMyQuotes.com or SelectMyPolicy.com use my information?

The information we collect on our websites is securely provided to providers who are members of our network. Their job is to provide you with information to assist with your needs, a competitive price estimate, and answer your questions to allow you to make an informed purchasing decision. We respect your privacy and you can find more information about how we protect your information by reviewing our Privacy Policy by clicking here.